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Digital Battery Passport Webinar: Addressing Challenges for a Successful Implementation

This informative webinar aims to shed light on lingering questions concerning the future of the Digital Battery Passport. Certain aspects still require clarification, prompting ongoing research to uncover solutions for these challenges. Anyone involved in this field should stay informed about these topics and their status to better navigate the evolving landscape.


Introduction from TVS (30 min) – Presented by Sohag Salauddin (TVS)

A framework for the upstream, midstream and downstream actors to evaluate the LCA results for perspective product, component, and material. This will encourage the actors to participate in the battery passport-based supply chain management and circular economy-based business model creation. A demonstration of how this framework can support the battery passport initiative will be also included.

Panel Discussion (45 min) – Moderated by Tomas Jezdinsky (ECI) 

  • Value chain input for Battery Passport
  • LCA approach
  • Practical implementation issues
  • Scope of application
  • Data ownership issues
  • Repair, maintenance and refurbishment issues
  • Second life issues
  • Specific data updates & validation issues
  • Current & future regulation issues
  • Issues for openness in the future

Q&A with the audience (15 min)

This project has received funding from the European Union's H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 963580.

Speakers Details:

Dr Shahin Jamali
Head of Monitoring and Artificial Intelligence Fraunhofer IEG
Suna Akbayir
Managing Director Artech Consulting
Gabriela Perez
Energy Systems Analytics IREC
José Espi
Line Manager in Sustainable Impact Eurecat