TRUMPET-FLUTE platform development synchronization meeting

December 13, 2023 by

A team from The National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria), France recently visited the Technivative Solutions Limited (TVS) office in Manchester, UK for a meeting about the TRUMPET and FLUTE projects platform development synchronization on November 20.

A team from The National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Inria), France recently visited the Technovative Solutions Limited (TVS) office in Manchester, UK for a meeting about the TRUstworthy Multi-site Privacy Enhancing Technologies (TRUMPET) and Federate Learning and mUlti-party computation Techniques for prostatE cancer (FLUTE) platform development synchronization on November 20. Both Inria and TVS are consortium members of TRUMPET and FLUTE Projects. Both these projects have received funding from the European Commission’s Horizon Europe programme.

Jan Ramon, Senior Researcher, Leonard Deroose, R&D Machine Learning Engineer and Quentin Sinh, Research Scientist from INRIA attended the meeting at the TVS premise. Ashadul Hoque, Lead Technologist, and Miah Raihan Mahmud Arman (Chief Technical Officer) from Technovative Solutions Limited were present during the discussion.

TRUMPET Project and contribution of TVS and INRIA: The TRUMPET consortium will develop a platform based on Armoured Federated Learning for researchers and solution developers. The platform will enable solution developers to create tools for healthcare professionals that allow them to analyze their own patient data and compare it with data from other hospitals and research centers while maintaining patient privacy and anonymity in accordance with GDPR European policy.

TVS is responsible for developing a federated AI healthcare platform, which also includes data integration with healthcare premises and machine learning training.

INRIA is contributing in the development of privacy-enhancing technology and to the development of privacy metrics.

Trumpet project has received funding from a Research and Innovation action activity under Horizon Europe Framework Programme with Grant Agreement No.101070038

FLUTE Project and contribution of TVS and INRIA: The goal of the multidisciplinary FLUTE project is to advance and scale up data-driven healthcare by developing novel methods for privacy-preserving cross-border utilisation of data hubs. Through this project, advanced research will be performed to push the performance envelope of secure multi-party computation in Federated Learning, including the associated AI models and secure execution environments. In accordance with the priorities set by the European Commission, the project will target collaboration, cross fertilization and synergies with related national and international European projects.

TVS is developing the FLUTE Platform, which includes data hub and innovator dashboards; scalability, usability and performance validation; privacy protection strength validation, and documentation and user manual.

INRIA is the coordinator of this project. An important technical contribution concerns improving the scalability of multi-party protocols in the context of machine learning, e.g., exploiting data sparsity.

This project has received funding from the Horizon Europe Framework Programme (HORIZON) Research and Innovation Actions under grant agreement No 101095382.
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