PCM-based Cool Box and Controller Designed for the Off-Grid Rural Communities

February 21, 2023 by

Access to electricity is one of the major components of modern life that cannot be imagined without it. However, this is the case in many rural areas in Africa and Asia. Through the IMPHORAA project, we aim to bring electricity through solar-powered nano-grids and ensure a healthy and safer way of storing food and medicine.

As the project coordinator, Technovative Solutions Ltd (TVS) is developing a PCM-based cool box solution, a cool box control system, and a control system app for the IMPHORAA system powered by photovoltaics. This PCM-based DC-powered cool box will solve the time and money spent by the fishermen from the off-grid communities in the remote islands of the Philippines and the villages in Madagascar. The PCM-based cool box designed by our engineers will keep food/medicine up to 8 hours at a desirable temperature during the non-charging hours.

Figure: Schematic demonstration of the IMPHORAA cool box

We have also developed a cool box controller that will measure temperature and current used periodically and turn the compressor on or off based on the user’s selected temperature. It will also display process values and enable pairing with the cool box app via a touchscreen display.

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