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A Roadmap to further develop deep geothermal technologies

The Implementation Roadmap for Deep Geothermal has been released

Brussels, 27 June2019 –TheEuropean Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) has released today its Implementation roadmapfor Deep Geothermal, which aims to identify a path forward, developing high performance,cost-effective and sustainable deep geothermal technologies that can expand theproduction of electricity, heating and cooling while reinforcing EU industrial capacity and leadership in the sector.

A new generation of deep geothermal systems and technologies, the adaptation of existing technologies for new applications and markets, novel applications to be demonstrated, standardised and combined in hybrid systems, and the promotion of pre-existing technologies will all contribute to an accelerated deployment of geothermal in Europein the context of the 2030 milestones.

In March 2018, the Vision for Deep Geothermal outlined the goals to be achieved in terms of performance and cost‐reductions. The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda published in April 2019, recommended actions and research priorities that should be addressed to achieve the key technological and transversal challenges that could makethe Visiona solid reality between now and 2050.

The Roadmap 2020-2030 is now ranking short to medium term challenges and actions, tracks long-term strategy, and offering a description of topics and goals, providing performance indicators.

To fund these research and innovation activities for deep geothermal, The ETIP-DG estimates that € 1.85 billion is required for the successful implementation of this Deep Geothermal Roadmap. It is necessary to strengthen R&I private investments and increase the public funding budget for R&I projects at European, national and regional levelsfor the next decade.Moreover, a strengthening of the market deployment policy and knowledge sharing for deep geothermal is also required. "Research, Innovation and Competitiveness are key for ensuring energy security, energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of the EU economy,” says Fausto Batini, Chairman of the ETIP-DG. “Geothermal energy for heating and cooling and electricity generation is significan resource within the energy system of the future and will contribute to making Europe the global leader in renewable energies.”

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About the ETIP-DG

The European Technology & Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) is an open stakeholder group, endorsed by the European Commission under the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), with the overarching objective to enable deep geothermal technology to proliferate and reach its full potential everywhere in Europe. It brings together representatives from industry, academia, research centres, and sectoral associations, covering the entire deep geothermal energy exploration, production, and utilization value chain. For more information, visit Contacts: ETIP-DG Secretariat | |

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