Automotive Smart Manufacturing

March 5, 2023 by

Our Lead Technologist, Dr Mohammad Hye Chowdhury, attended a two-day technical meeting for the VOJEXT project. This meeting was held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 13-14 February 2023.

The technical meeting demonstrated the use case in automotive smart manufacturing. On the first day, Hye visited the Mercedes-Benz supplier shopfloor in Oztug, Bursa, for robot development. The second day covered visiting the Mercedes-Benz Turk (MBT) premises in Istanbul to observe the MBT scenarios with bus and robot integration for the VOJEXT project.

During the visit, Hye investigated the robot deployment production efficiency and human-robot interaction in the context of environmental analysis and collected relevant data on manual and semi-automatic processes for producing plastic materials. He is currently analysing inventory data from the processes involved in robot-human interactions. As the project matures to its final demonstrations, Technovative Solution will present further developments in identifying the environmental impact of robots.

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