Software Development and
Blockchain Solutions

We offer various services to help businesses and organisations create successful and user-friendly digital platforms. Our team of experienced developers can design and build websites or apps that provide a central hub for users to access a range of services or connect with others.

We provide innovative, reliable, secure and economical data storage solutions and file-sharing capabilities. We offer a range of data storage options, including cloud-based solutions, on-premises systems, and hybrid approaches. In addition, we provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure our client's data is always available and secure.

We can assist with implementing public and private blockchain solutions. By using blockchain solutions, businesses can benefit from distributed ledger technology's security, transparency, and efficiency. Whether you are looking to implement a public blockchain for maximum transparency or a private blockchain for enhanced security, we can help you to design and implement a solution that meets your specific needs and requirements.

We specialise in helping businesses and organisations deploy their applications and services on the cloud. Our experienced DevOps engineers can assist with the planning, setup, and ongoing maintenance of cloud deployments, ensuring that businesses can take advantage of the scalability and flexibility of the cloud.

We are experts in custom mobile and web-based application development. We provide services for designing and planning any application, including creating wireframes, mockups, and other visual representations of the user interface and user experience. We work closely with clients to understand their needs and develop solutions that meet their requirements. Our app development service allows businesses to create successful and user-friendly applications that drive business growth and improve customer engagement.

We are a leading provider of smart contract development services. Smart contract development refers to creating digital contracts that are self-executing and enforceable using blockchain technology. Smart contracts can be used to automate a wide range of processes, such as financial transactions, supply chain management, and more.

We can offer services to design and implement effective cybersecurity measures. These services typically include consulting, risk assessment, and implementing security technologies and practices. In addition, our cyber security services include penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, incident response planning, and security training. These services can help organisations identify and address potential security risks and to develop robust defences against cyber attacks.

UI-UX design and development refers to designing and developing user interfaces and user experiences for websites, apps, and other digital products. Our services include creating wireframes, mockups, and other visual representations of the user interface and developing the front-end code that makes the interface functional. We can help you to create user interfaces and user experiences that are intuitive, attractive, and effective.

Data Analytics,
Machine Learning and AI

We offer various services related to federated learning, such as infrastructure and support to host and run federated learning experiments or systems. We are also experts in developing custom solutions using federated learning algorithms or systems.

We offer data collection and preprocessing, data visualisation, machine learning model development and deployment, and consulting and support for organisations looking to use big data analysis to inform decision-making and improve business processes.

We have diverse expertise in identifying and classifying objects or features in images using computer vision, machine learning, and image processing algorithms.

We use Neural Network models for research and development in medical diagnosi.

We can offer tools and resources for training and deploying deep learning models. These tools might include pre-trained models, libraries for building and training custom models, and APIs for integrating deep learning capabilities into other applications.

We specialise in utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for the automated processing and analysis of human language, including tasks such as language translation, text classification, sentiment analysis, and named entity recognition. In addition, we provide tools for creating custom NLP models and integrating these capabilities into other applications.

We perform acoustic analysis for research and development in different domains.

IoT & Industrial Control System

We are experts in automating tasks or processes without human intervention by using computers, robotics, and control systems to automate tasks and processes. Process automation can be used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and information technology.

We specialise in designing and developing measurement and monitoring systems to measure and collect data on various physical or environmental parameters. Our service includes identifying the parameters to be measured, selecting the appropriate sensors and other components, designing the system architecture and layout, developing software and firmware, testing and debugging the system, and installing and commissioning the system.

We have a range of technologies and approaches, including computer and control systems, robotics, and automation software to help customers automate the operation of their machines.

We specialise in providing solutions for sensor data integration. We can help you design, install, and maintain systems for collecting, processing, storing, and visualising data from sensors and other devices for monitoring industrial processes, tracking vehicle or asset movement, or analysing environmental data.

Sustainability Analysis

We perform multicriteria analysis (MCA) to support the decision-makers in choosing the best option by ranking the representative options.

We perform Ecological Impact Analysis and develop tool by evaluating the ecological consequences of projects, policies, or actions to understand their potential impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services.

We perform social impact analysis to ascertain the possible influence of specific products or development activities on society, especially on the citizen leveraging our citizen engagement tool.

We perform Ecological Impact Analysis and develop tool by evaluating the ecological consequences of projects, policies, or actions to understand their potential impacts on biodiversity, ecosystems, and ecosystem services.

We perform LCA analysis for different products and services that are compliant with ISO 14040 and 14044.

We perform techno-economic analysis for different products and services.

Design and Process Optimisation

We design and develop knowledge-based engineering (KBE) engines and their architecture that offers a swift development of design engineering automation solutions integrated with simulation, optimisation and cost modelling processes, carbon footprint calculations and design of experiments.

We develop an innovative Decision Support System (DSS) to facilitate the decision-makers and the end-users to select optimal project strategies considering multilevel technical, environmental, social and economic issues.

We design processes and products considering the minimal environmental footprint at all stages throughout the product life cycle, from conception to development, transport to recycling.

Digital Product Passport

As demonstrated by our successful EU funding acquisition for the BASE project, we're at the forefront of innovation in the digital battery passport domain (DBP), aligning with EC directives. We are collaborating with battery manufacturers, recyclers, regulators, and other relevant stakeholders,  implementing comprehensive protocols for managing battery passports, including data collection, storage, and sharing procedures, creating and deploying digital platforms for efficient battery passport management,  ensuring interoperability across the supply chain, and enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of battery information.

Our solution offers an innovative ontology-based circularity calculator designed to assess and recommend a circularity index tailored to specific industrial domains. By leveraging structured frameworks and interrelated concepts, our tool provides comprehensive analyses, enabling informed decisions to enhance circularity within product lifecycles.

Technovative Solutions leads the way in Digital Product Passport (DPP) technology, evidenced by securing multiple EU-funded projects in support of this initiative. Our offering is a complete transparency and traceability solution that enables informed decision-making along the value chain and promotes circular economy and sustainability by effectively managing waste flows and end-of-life treatment.   With in-house expertise in regulations, blockchain, data analytics, and AI, we stand equipped to navigate and innovate within the DPP landscape.

Our comprehensive Digital Product Passport and Circularity solution includes integrated environmental footprint analysis capabilities. This involves evaluating resource consumption, emissions, and waste generation associated with specific products and processes, providing valuable insights to support sustainable decision-making.

We develop an integrated Life Cycle Analysis  Assessment tool to evaluate the environmental impacts of a product, process, or activity over its entire life cycle – from raw material extraction through production, use, and disposal. Our service is compliant with ISO14040 and ISO14044.