Resilience is simply the capacity to bounce back from adversity or easily overcome challenges effectively. It is the capacity to comprehend, conform, or evolve in a manner that maintains a system's indispensable identity in the context of change. To effectively safeguard individuals, communities, and countries, as well as their livelihoods, health, traditional culture, socioeconomic assets, and ecosystems, resilience, therefore, entails predicting, planning for, and mitigating risk. Recognizing its importance, TVS is dedicating time and resources into developing various resilience concepts, such as risk management and the preservation and restoration of its fundamental structures and functions to coping with extreme weather events.

Climate Resilience

The overwhelming weight of scientific evidence indicates that climate change is occurring and that human activity has played a significant role in its acceleration over the past century. The only way to prevent it is to transition towards a climate resilient society. A tectonic shift is obligatory towards citizen engagement and empowerment for a community to become climate neutral and resilient to climate change. Climate assembly facilitates such a notion and is an integral part of the bottom up approach to building towards a climate resilient society, which still needs to be established. The question remains: how do we achieve success in such a complex hierarchical approach? Technovative Solutions Limited has been trying to find the answer with prudence and is proud to have found solutions that would best fit this vexing conundrum. We aim to develop tools for climate assembly operations which are the building blocks of a sustainable future where the effects of climate change are alleviated to the point of being inconsequential.

A fully integrated communication amongst all levels, dissemination, and exploitation plan is being kept in mind while designing the tools. A knowledge- and evidence-based support tool for climate assemblies’ agenda setting is being developed that will generate novel insights and predictions and enhance the knowledge with quantitative and qualitative data to support the settings of climate change assembly and follow-up. A climate portal is also being developed that will provide global data on historical and future climate, vulnerabilities, and impacts and engage citizens to work on providing real-time feedback for minimisation of damages. Successful implementation and supervision of these tools will ensure producing a society that is "Resilient by Design" and revolutionise the world in more ways than one.

Disaster Resilience

Climate change, which has been bringing on more extreme weather events such as cyclones, floods, heat waves, droughts and wildfires, has been putting more people and their wealth in jeopardy as a result of ongoing urbanization and development in risky areas. Compound weather and climate extremes, which result from the interaction of several factors and/or dangers, are not well understood worldwide. The linked vulnerability, risk, and resilience of people, communities, and places are also impacted by inadequate disaster risk management and governance along with poor decision making across related cross-cutting domains like environmental management, urban and regional development.

Overcoming such problems requires utmost priority. Technovative Solutions Limited has been carefully perusing through the possible positive outcomes and is striving to develop a Multi-Actor Decision Support Platform that will allow different stakeholders to contribute significantly on behalf of their respective communities. Several microservices are anticipated to be created involving the citizens based upon data analytics that will be fed to several models. The "HazardMonitor" app, which is in plans to be developed, will be a paramount segment that will use citizens as sensors to collect geospatial citizen science / VGI data and also increase citizen awareness by giving them real-time updates on local active hazards This app will also provide guidance on effective, appropriate and timely mitigation and adaptation actions. Finally, it is anticipated that the platform, once it has been implemented properly, will be a huge success.

Societal Resilience

Citizen engagement and empowerment is the core of societal resilience. As people become more involved in community engagement, their incentive becomes greater as they advertently contribute to society's adversaries. Therefore, there is a need for a concrete platform of a human-centered approach to engage and empower citizens with the support of stakeholders, end-users and other relevant actors.

Considering the depth of concern at hand, Technovative Solutions Limited plans to develop a Citizen engagement platform that covers several interdisciplinary aspects. This platform will bring together representatives from all different socio-economic stratifications, educational levels and cultural backgrounds to bring forth their views and opinions on numerous topics and issues. Apart from encouraging citizen engagement and deliberation, this platform will discern and discuss the underlying mechanisms that empower citizens and improve their deliberation participation. The platform will therefore help citizens be instrumental in increasing disaster and climate resilience as well.