IoT & Industrial Control System
Measurement and Monitoring System Development
We specialise in designing and developing measurement and monitoring systems to measure and collect data on various physical or environmental parameters. Our service includes identifying the parameters to be measured, selecting the appropriate sensors and other components, designing the system architecture and layout, developing software and firmware, testing and debugging the system, and installing and commissioning the system.
Process Automation
We are experts in automating tasks or processes without human intervention by using computers, robotics, and control systems to automate tasks and processes. Process automation can be used in various industries and applications, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and information technology.
Sensor Data Integration
We specialise in providing solutions for sensor data integration. We can help you design, install, and maintain systems for collecting, processing, storing, and visualising data from sensors and other devices for monitoring industrial processes, tracking vehicle or asset movement, or analysing environmental data.
Machine Automation
We have a range of technologies and approaches, including computer and control systems, robotics, and automation software to help customers automate the operation of their machines.