Data Analytics, Machine Learning and AI
Big Data Analysis
We offer data collection and preprocessing, data visualisation, machine learning model development and deployment, and consulting and support for organisations looking to use big data analysis to inform decision-making and improve business processes.
Federated Learning
We offer various services related to federated learning, such as infrastructure and support to host and run federated learning experiments or systems. We are also experts in developing custom solutions using federated learning algorithms or systems.
Image Processing & Analysis
We have diverse expertise in identifying and classifying objects or features in images using computer vision, machine learning, and image processing algorithms.
Natural Language Processing
We specialise in utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques for the automated processing and analysis of human language, including tasks such as language translation, text classification, sentiment analysis, and named entity recognition. In addition, we provide tools for creating custom NLP models and integrating these capabilities into other applications.
Deep Learning
We can offer tools and resources for training and deploying deep learning models. These tools might include pre-trained models, libraries for building and training custom models, and APIs for integrating deep learning capabilities into other applications.